Masks recommended on transit

Masks recommended on transit

Updated: 11:48am, Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Masks are optional on TriMet. However, the Multnomah County Health Department, the Oregon Health Authority and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend wearing a mask in indoor settings, including public transit. More

How to Load Your Bike on MAX

Bikes are allowed on MAX only if there is room in the designated bike spaces and if the train is not too crowded to board safely without blocking the doors. Otherwise you’ll need to wait for the next train. Consider taking your trip before or after rush hour, parking your bike at the station or using a compact folding bike instead.

1. As MAX approaches, Check to see if there’s room

Stand with your bike near the middle of the boarding platform. As MAX approaches, look at both cars of the train to see if there’s room inside. If it’s too crowded to board safely, you’ll need to wait for the next train.

2. Board through a door with the bike symbol

Wait for other riders to exit and enter the train before you get on. Board only through one of the doors displaying the bike symbol:

Schematics of MAX trains with bike storage areas

3. Place your bike in one of the designated areas

Your bike must be stored in one of the designated areas marked with a bike symbol, located inside the front and rear doors of each MAX car.

On low-floor MAX cars

Photo of bike hanging from bike hook on MAX train
  • On low-floor MAX cars (those without stairs at the door), bikes must be hung on the hooks in the designated areas, one per space. Tip: Wheeling your bike on board in an upright position will make it easier to hang from the hook.
  • Note that these are shared spaces that may also be used to store strollers and luggage. If the bike hook area is being used by someone with a stroller or luggage, you must find another designated area for your bike.
  • If all the designated bike areas are occupied, you may use the priority seating area (displaying the wheelchair symbol) as long as there are no senior citizens or riders with disabilities present who need to use the area.

On high-floor MAX cars

  • On high-floor cars (those with stairs at the door), bikes must be stored in the seating areas marked with a bike symbol. One bike may also be placed against the door of the operator’s cab if the cab is not in use.
  • If other riders are standing in the designated bike area, you may politely request that they move from the area so that you can store your bike.

If there is no room in the designated bike or priority seating areas, or if you will be blocking the aisle or doorway with your bike, you must exit and wait for the next train.

Important reminders

  • Maintain control of your bike at all times and take care not to brush it against other riders. Do not use a kickstand. Keep your bike as clean as possible.
  • Children under 12 bringing bikes on MAX must be accompanied by an adult.
  • If you have a folding bike, you may store it, collapsed, on the floor beneath a bike suspended from a hook, or place it under your seat. Just make sure you're not blocking the aisle or doorway with your collapsed bike.
  • Always walk your bike in station areas, transit centers and pedestrian corridors.

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