Types of Bikes Allowed on Board

Only single-seat, two-wheeled bikes, folding bikes, and recumbents the size of a standard bike are allowed on TriMet.

The racks on the front of TriMet buses can accommodate bikes with:

  • wheel sizes from 20 inches to 29 inches, excluding tandems and recumbent bicycles
  • a wheelbase dimension of up to 44 inches
  • tire widths up to 2.35 inches
  • bicycles that weigh up to 55 lbs.

Tandems and bikes with oversized wheels, three or more wheels, trailers or internal-combustion engines are not allowed.

Electric bikes with a sealed battery compartment are OK to bring on board.

Some bikes have wheels that are too large or too far apart to fit in TriMet’s racks.

Folding bikes must remain collapsed while on board, and must have a wheel size of 20 inches or less.

Bikes with child seats, panniers or other accessories that block an operator's vision out the front of a bus are not allowed.

Questions? Suggestions?

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