Sharing the Road Safely

When buses, trains and bikes share the road, it’s even more important to practice safe driving and riding. Cyclists can help by following a few simple “rules of the road.”

Riding around buses

Don’t pass on the right.

Bus operators will signal when they change lanes, pull up to a stop or merge into traffic. Buses make frequent stops; although it is legal to pass stopped cars on the right, it is not safe to pass a bus on the right when it is loading or unloading passengers.

Yield to merging buses.

Buses must yield to bikes when pulling into a stop, but are allowed to cross or stop in bike lanes to serve stops. If the Yield sign near the bus’ left taillight is flashing, the bus has the right-of-way to merge back into traffic, and you should let the bus back in.

Make sure the operator can see you.

Buses have blind spots: If you can’t see the operator, either directly or in the mirror, the operator can’t see you. The safest place to be around buses is in front of them. Lights and reflective gear can be helpful when it’s dark out.

Watch for changing road conditions.

Bike lanes may merge with mixed traffic at choke points. Use hand signals when merging or changing lanes. Take the middle of a travel lane if necessary.

Observe “Bus Only” signs.

Watch for Bus Only street signs, such as at Rose Quarter and Beaverton transit centers. These streets are closed to bikes as well as other vehicles.


Riding around trains

Be careful when approaching tracks

Tracks can be slippery — wet or dry.

Cross tracks straight on

Crossing tracks at an angle or turning across tracks is risky. Attempting to cross tracks while riding next to them can cause your wheel to slip into the trackbed and result in a crash. When in doubt, walk your bike across the tracks.

Obey signs and signals at crossings.

Trains cannot stop quickly.


Report unsafe driving

If you experience unsafe driving, call 503-238-RIDE (7433) or email Be sure to note the line number, vehicle number, location and time of day.

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