Accounts Payable Department

Resources and contact information for vendors and contractors

Contract or P.O. required for all purchases

All purchases of goods and services by TriMet must be authorized in advance with a contract or Purchase Order number.

If your company accepts an order for goods or services without a contract or Purchase Order number, you may not receive payment from TriMet. TriMet employees are not authorized to use their employee number as a Purchase Order number.

Sending invoices to TriMet

All invoices must include the TriMet contract or Purchase Order number in order to be processed.

To avoid delays, please send all invoices directly to TriMet Accounts Payable at the address below.

How to contact Accounts Payable

Vendor names starting with 0–9 or A–F


Vendor names starting with G–O


Vendor names starting with P–Z



TriMet Accounts Payable, FN4

101 SW Main St., Suite 700
Portland, OR 97204
503-962-6422 fax
8 a.m.–5 p.m. weekdays