Heat Advisory

Heat Advisory

Updated: 10:05am, Fri. Jun. 24, 2022

With hot weather in the forecast, be sure to stay hydrated, plan ahead and check trimet.org before you go. All MAX lines slow to no faster than 35 mph in 100+ heat.

Line 30-Estacada Route Description


Line 30-Estacada runs between Clackamas Town Center and Estacada on weekdays and Saturday. During weekdays, express trips between downtown Portland and Estacada by way of Roots, Webster and Highway 224, stop in Milwaukie. Saturday service runs between Estacada and Clackamas Town Center.

To Clackamas Town Center from Southeast Main at Estacada City Hall

Via Southeast Main Street
Left onto Southeast 5th Avenue
Right onto Southeast Currin Street
Right onto Highway 224 (Clackamas Highway)
Right onto Southeast Main Street, becomes Northeast Main Street
Left onto Northeast 6th Avenue, becomes NW 6th Avenue
Right onto Northwest Wade Street, becomes Southeast Eagle Creek Road
Left onto Southeast Highway 211
Right onto Southeast Highway 224 (Clackamas Highway)
Left onto Southeast Highway 212
Right at entrance to I-205 north, becomes Southeast 82nd Avenue, Right onto Monterey Avenue
Right into into Clackamas Town Center

To Estacada, from Clackamas Town Center Transit Center

Right onto East Ring Road
Left onto Southeast 82nd Avenue, becomes I-205 South
Right at Estacada Exit 12A
Right onto Highway 212, becomes Highway 224
Left onto Highway 211
Right onto Southeast Eagle Creek Road, becomes Northwest Wade Street, becomes Northwest 6th Avenue, and becomes Northeast 6th Avenue
Right onto Northeast Main Street, becomes Southeast Main Street to Estacada City Hall