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Clackamas Town Center Transit Center, Southbound

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34-Linwood/River Rd to Oregon City TC via Milwaukie Next arrivals

  • 5:57am
  • 7:13am
  • 8:17am
  • 9:33am
  • 10:37am
  • 11:53am
  • 1:00pm
  • 2:14pm
  • 3:24pm
  • 4:41pm
  • 5:54pm

34: Beginning Sunday, June 11, the stop at SE Harmony & Linwood (Stop ID 2498) will be closed. No replacement stop. As of Sunday, June 4, 2023 More

34: The northbound stop at SE Linwood & Monroe (Stop ID 3434) is closed. Use temp stop on south side of SE Monroe St. As of Monday, March 27, 2023 More