Hop Fastpass

Paying Fare Using Cash

Hop Fastpass is the easiest, no-contact way to pay your fare with your phone or Hop card.

If you must use cash, here are instructions for riding:

On the bus

Farebox and ticket printer on the bus

We have implemented a number of safety measures to make it safer to pay with cash.

When you board, place your exact cash fare in the farebox.

Fareboxes accept any combination of bills and coins (including $1 coins). You may purchase validated 2½-hour tickets or day passes.

The operator will give you a ticket/receipt. (It will come out of the printer to your right.) It’s your proof of payment, valid on buses, MAX, WES Commuter Rail and Portland Streetcar until the expiration time shown. Keep this ticket until you have completed your trip. Please note: Bus operators cannot make change.


If you don’t have a Hop card, you may:

  • Buy and load a Hop card using cash at a local retailer, or
  • Buy a Hop ticket from the TriMet Customer Support Center or a ticket machine at a MAX or WES station. The ticket machines at MAX stations accept cash and debit/credit cards. Your ticket is your proof of payment, good for 2½ hours on buses, MAX, WES Commuter Rail and Portland Streetcar.

On Portland Streetcar

The debit/credit ticket machines at Streetcar stations do not take cash. If you’re using cash, you can buy a validated ticket that’s good for 2½ hours from a TriMet ticket machine.

Riding with Hop?

Tap every time you board — even if you’ve already earned a Day or Month pass.

See how to tap with:
Plastic Hop cardPhonePaper Hop TicketCredit/Debit Card