Temporary Service Reduction

We will be temporarily reducing weekday service on some bus lines starting January 10 due to a worker shortage.

Starting January 10, 2022, 20 of our 84 bus lines will run less frequently on weekdays due to a shortage of bus operators and other workers.

Temporarily reducing service to match our staffing levels means that buses will run more true to schedule and riders will encounter far fewer canceled buses. We know you depend on us and we make this move only after exhausting all other options.

We hope service will return to normal levels soon but we do not have an estimate on when that will happen. We need to hire and train more bus operators before we’re able to return to regular service levels.


Affected lines


Plan your trip with the updated schedules

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Be sure to set the date for Monday, January 10 or later

Like most organizations, we’ve been struggling to hire enough workers. We’re not bringing in the number of new operators needed to offset retirements and other departures.

We’ve made significant efforts to hire new employees, including raising the starting wage for bus operators by over $4 an hour, offering a $2,500 hiring bonus and increasing job marketing efforts, but we’re still facing a shortage.

Other transit agencies in Oregon and around the country are facing the same issue and have had to make similar service reductions. While we’ve tried to work around our shortages, it’s now necessary to reduce service. lThat will allow riders to better plan for the service we’re able to provide with our current staffing.

Lines running with reduced service as of January 9



75-Cesar Chavez/Lombard



Schedules effective Jan. 9