Boarding MAX With a Mobility Device

Using the ramp

  1. Wait in view of the MAX operator
    Wait in the middle of the boarding platform where the MAX operator can see you. That way the operator can deploy the boarding ramp as soon as the train stops, which helps save time. For your safety, be sure to stay behind the white bumpy tiles.
  2. Look for the door equipped with a ramp
    The boarding ramps are located at the two doors in the center of each low-floor car. These doors are marked with the blue accessibility symbol.
  3. Press the blue button to deploy the ramp
    You can deploy the ramp yourself at any time by pressing the blue button on the side of the train. If the doors are already open, they will close and the ramp will deploy. (Pressing the yellow button will open the doors without deploying the ramp.)
  4. Wait for the ramp to deploy, then board
    Wait behind the white bumpy tiles on the boarding platform while the ramp extends. The doors will re-open and you can board the train. (The ramp will retract automatically when the doors close.)

On board the train

    Photo of securement area on board MAX train
  1. Each car has four accessible areas: Inside each ramped door are two large open areas marked as priority seating for seniors and passengers with disabilities. It is not necessary to secure mobility devices on MAX.
  2. Using the seat releases in accessible areas: To sit on the aisle-facing seat, pull the round lever located at the hinge point of the spring-loaded seat. To lower the upright seat facing the other accessible area, simply push the seat down and sit.
  3. In case of emergency, use the intercom: To talk with the MAX operator in an emergency, use the gray intercom located near each ramped door. Push the red button on the lower right corner. An alarm will sound, then the operator will ask about the emergency.
  4. Push on the ramp request strip: Before MAX arrives at your stop, push on the ramp request strip located near the grab bar, or push the blue ramp request button next to the doors. A green light appears to let you know the operator got your request. When the train stops the operator will deploy the ramp for you, and you can deboard.


Securement is not required on MAX.


You can bring Segways on MAX when used as a mobility device due to a disability. (Note: Segways must be turned off when boarding, riding and exiting the vehicle.)

Alternative Wheeled Mobility Device

If you have an alternative wheeled mobility device, please complete the ADA Reasonable Modifications form found here: